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USA Can’t Walk & Chew Gum?

Posted by republicrat on January 7, 2008

After watching the Democratic debate on ABC Saturday night, the Democrats seem to put forward the point that America can’t work on other issues while fighting the War in Iraq. Bill Richardson seemed to stress this point more than any of the other Democratic candidates.

During the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln seemed to be able to accomplish quite a few things while trying to save the Union. Given he was working with a mostly Republican Congress, but the list is still worth noting:

  • Department of Agriculture created
  • Morrill Act–provided land grants for universities
  • Morrill Tariff–highest tariff up to that point in US history; helped protect US industry and promote development
  • Homstead Act–allowed settlers to acquire 160 acres of land for free
  • National Bank Act of 1863–national banking system that remained in place until the creation of the Federal Reserve
  • Pacific Railroad Act–created two corporations whose responsibilities it was to build a transcontinental railroad
  • Legal Tender Act–authorized the use of money not backed up with gold or silver

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